Nordic Water Polo League 2023 Final Eight 26.5.2023 - 28.5.2023 Vilnius or Novaky Nordic Water Polo League

Final Eight - K.O. format

8 teams from the previous qualification round

A total of 18 teams from 11 countries have registered in the competition. Please see the attached file with updated information about the 5th edition. A summary is presented below:

Registered teams

  • Finland - Turun Uimarit, Cetus Espoo, Kuhat Helsinki
  • Sweden - SPIF Stockholm, Järfälla, SVA Malmö
  • Denmark - KVIK Copenhagen (LEN)
  • Lithuania - Vilnius, Elektrėnai Žaibas (LEN)
  • Poland - AZS Warsaw, LSTW Lodz
  • Slovakia - Nováky (LEN), Modri Košice (LEN)
  • Ukraine - Dynamo Lviv
  • Great Britain - Cheltenham
  • Belgium - Antwerpen
  • Switzerland - Kreuzlingen
  • Latvia - Riga Sharks

The clubs participating in the LEN's cups will start the competition in the 2nd round. Thus, 14 of the clubs mentioned above will participate. NWPL may eventually invite two additional teams to have groups of 4 teams. The top 12 teams qualify to the 2nd round.