Aurajoen Uinti and Turun Uintiklubi – ÅSK organizing in co-operation with Finnish Swimming Association 

Open Masters Championships


at Impivaara Swimming Centre (Uimahallinpolku 4, 20320 Turku). 50 m course, 8 lanes, automatic timekeeping.

Age groups in individual events

A (25-29 yrs) = yob 1993-1989
B (30-34 yrs) = yob 1988-1984
C (35-39 yrs) = yob 1983-1979
D (40-44 yrs) = yob 1978-1974
E (45-49 yrs) = yob 1973-1969
F (50-54 yrs) = yob 1968-1964
G (55-59 yrs) = yob 1963-1959
H (60-64 yrs) = yob 1958-1954
I (65-69 yrs) = yob 1953-1949
J (70-74 yrs) = yob 1948-1944
K (75-79 yrs) = yob 1943-1939
L (80-84 yrs) = yob 1938-1934
M (85-89 yrs) = yob 1933-1929
N (90-94 yrs) = yob 1928-1924
O (95-99 yrs) = yob 1923-1919

Age groups in relay events

Sum of the age turned in 2018 for each swimmer in team.

A = 100-119 years
B = 120-159 years
C = 160-199 years
D = 200-239 years
E = 240-279 years
F = 280-319 years
G = 320-359 years

Session start times

Friday 26.10.
Afternoon session at 17.00 (warm up 15.50-16.50)

Saturday 27.10.
Morning session at 9.30 (warm up 8.20-9.20)
Afternoon session at 16.30 (warm up 15.20-16.20)

Sunday 28.10.
Morning session at 10.00 (warm up 8.50-9.50)

Note! Starting time for evening sessions will be checked after entries have been handled. Starting times could be adjusted after that point.


All events will be raced as timed finals. Printable program 


No later than Tuesday 16th October 2018. Entries must be delivered using attached LENEX-file by email to organizing club: 

Late entries can be done after 16th October and before scratching of first session (60 min prior the start of the 1st session).

Entry times shall be given for 50 m course if possible. Entry times from 25 m course will be recounted to fit 50 m course by Finnish competition rules. Valid entry time needed for individual events for 400 m and longer distances. No zero times accepted. Only swimmers representing a club, member of a federation affiliated with FINA, are eligible to enter.

For relay teams valid or calculated entry time, appropriate age group and relay team swimmers has to be given with entries. Relay team names should be declared no later than one hour prior the beginning of session. Age group can't be changed after entry window has been closed.

Entry fee

Starting fees 9,00 € (45,00 € for late entries) per start shall be paid by 16th October for organizing club bank account:

Receiver: Uintiklubi-ÅSK
IBAN: FI2557113020006006

Message field of bank transfer: Club name, country, number of entries, number of athletes.

Please have a copy of payment receipt with you to competition venue.

Late entry fee is 5-times higher (45 €) compared to normal entry fee (9 €).


In case of a withdrawal for any individual or medley event, written reports shall be delivered to the referee desk at latest 60 minutes prior the beginning of session. Each withdraval made after this point shall be fined for 27 Euros and no-shows for 81 Euros by the Organizing committee.

Team leaders meeting

Each participating club needs to be presented (1 person) at the team leaders meeting on Friday 26th October at 15.30. Meeting will take place at the venue on the 2nd floor in exercise room Kekkuri.

More information

Details for entries, accommodation, meals and get together: 
Christina Nokkala, 040 5455 312

Welcome to Turku!