Päivitetty pistelaskuohjelma!


Hi Chief Recorders,

If anyone is interested in the new version of my scoring program (2018/v38) I now can inform you that it is on my server, available for download.

There is some bug fixes from v37. You can check in the data sheet what changes has done since last time you downloaded.
There is one totally unlocked version (full) where you have data inserted and you can study and play with the program.
And one “locked” version (empty) you can use to input your own data. If you need to unlock, there is no password protection. The lock is only for preventing accidental changes.

You will also find the latest update of the “Chief Recorders Manual” here. And a special version of the scoring program for Figures, if you have a competition with 6 or 8 figures.


As before you are welcome to use it, change it or just look at it.

If you find any bugs or errors you are welcome to mail me and I will try to make correction in the next version.

Best wishes

Thomas Röhss